Sunflower seeds hummus

DSC_0161Some of my favourite recipes are saved from the time when I was extremely into raw food.

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8 tips for happier life

DSC_0097So many things changed in last two years – changing job, meeting Irmantas, getting married, traveling, moving from place to place. These experiences let me grow up a bit and taught me very important lessons. I finally found a way of living that I am absolutely happy and comfortable about, so I want to share them with you and I hope you find something new for yourself.

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3 miracles this week

DSC_0158I guess it is over with snow this year. Forecast says that we are not going to experience real winter anymore, so wet windy weather stays with us until Spring. Strange, knowing that in New York, or somewhere in Romania snow storms are beyond all the limits, and both are not those “heavy winter” areas. I feel that this year everything goes wrong with weather and it is hard to plan outside activities ahead, so I find miracles to happen inside this week.

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Making beads

I love creating things with my own hands. I already told that probably in my knitting post. I just somehow do not like anything what regular shops offer – most of the clothing pieces look bad quality, or I do not like the material, other thing usually look overpriced for me. I don’t know, maybe shopping is just not my thing.

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Walking with the dog. Secret courtyards

DSC_00992Each city has it own secrets, each entrance keeps stories and memories, each street caries burden of many events and accidents. I like exploring my own city, alone or when walking the dog with my husband. Even though I’ve lived here for all my life, and Irmantas  moved here only four years ago, we both have some special places to share with each other. Every Sunday became a nice adventure time – sometimes not that far away from home, sometimes further, but always exciting and fun. We are now planning few trips out of the town,  but the weather is unpredictable these days, so we’ll see what happens next weekend.

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Magic apple pie

DSC_0193I like to discover new recipes, but each time I find a perfect one, I stick to it for long time. This apple pie is not an exception. It is my favourite variation of apple pie ever and  I know the proportions that well, that I found really difficult to write them down, since for me baking this pie is automatic action. However I enjoy each moment because the smell is amazing in all place and the result is amazing each time.

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