New Year. Resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope you have good time and festive mood celebrating New Year.

For me the end of December is always rushing, meeting friends and relatives, parties and celebrating time. Last year, the last day of 2013 I quit my previous job and promised myself never again to sell my time for something I do not believe in. And I really succeeded. I feel 2014 was my year mostly because I followed my heart and kept my promise.

So this time we both agreed on New Years resolutions. Never did that before, it is the first time, but I hope everything comes true.

So here are the plans and promises for upcoming 365 days:

For Milda:

* Learn to read books and actually read them. 1 book per month would be enough for beginners

Do not get mistaken – I can read – it is because I am visual person, so reading is the last way for me to accept information. Hopefully this changes this year, since I am willing to improve myself.

  • Start a scrapbook/album/something else to document all good things that happen to us.

Of course the main tool for this purpose is this blog, however, I like to have a physical form of our blog for personal uses as well.

  • Quit smoking

I think I already did that – I am not smoking for a week, Irmantas – for a month. I wish this bad habit  will not appear again in the future.

For Irmantas:

  • Read a book per month

My husband is really good at reading books, but he somehow does not read anymore. He wishes to get back to books.

For both:

  • Do not eat any potato chips or other unhealthy snacks anymore. Ever. It is hard to resist, but still – we both think it is possible.
  • Get the blog started

Already did that – we both super happy about it. I think it is a new start of something full of adventures as well as a nice project for us as a couple.

* Visit Paris and Valencia.

Paris is my favourite city abroad – I’ve visited it for few different occasions in different seasons and I still feel excited about it. I am not sure if I would like to live there, though (probably because I am in love with Vilnius – my hometown).

My Dad lives in Valencia, so we both are willing to visit him as soon as possible.

  • Get organised.

This is about the time and money. We kind of cope everything nicely, but I would like to make thing more easy for both of us, specially knowing that we are having this blog now – so, one extra thing to take care of every day! I already have some ideas how to do that – will share the best practices in the future.

  • Every time we have day off our jobs go somewhere. For a walk, camping, visiting my husbands mom (she lives 1 hour way from us, in smaller town), everything will do. The matter is to go out as much as possible.DSC_0061

A wish:

Have you ever thought if you are having enough money? How much is enough? And if you get that much, is it going to be enough? I think people now want more and more everyday. One computer per person usually is not enough, same as one TV, one apartment, one car, or two pair of shoes for a season.

My wish is to be always happy for what me and my husband have. No matter how much is it. I think in being happy about what you have brings happiness in our lives in general. Not reaching for more. Let love, adventures and happy moments visit you and my family this year and forever. Let yourself see and appreciate what you have and share that with your loved ones.

Happy New Year to everyone!

P.S. This is how New Years night looks like in Vilnius.


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