Our wedding

The proposal

“We are going to get married one day, yes?” he asked me one Saturday afternoon while both were lying in bed and drinking fifth cup of coffee.

“Yes, definitely”.

“So why to wait, let’s do that now!” And we did. Just went to a Civil Registry Office on the last its working minute, filled the document and picked the day. The Day. DSC_0046 Getting ready

We kept the event in secret from friends and all relatives. To make sure that no one is obliged to buy a present and be forced to come and congratulate us when obviously there were so many things to be more interested in (it’s Christmas season, c’mon). Me and my husband decided to spend that day together – only two of us. So we only told Tadas (Irmantas best friend) and Elze (my sister) asking them to sign in wedding document. Since all the thing was super spontaneous, no budget was dedicated to the feast. And no feast was organised. And no photographer hired. No cake ordered. Actually simple silver rings were chosen. And, to be honest, the idea was not to have A Dress.DSC_0079

A Dress

However, I got A Dress. The first idea was only to wear something less casual (long-sweather-type dress or something similar), but Tadas confused me assuring my man wouldn’t understand that. I decided to have actual wedding dress. In my opinion it was the only one thing which made our day more special, because Irmantas wore the suit he already owned and we had no party. DSC_0165 I got it on Lithuanian Vinted – I got lucky, because a dress was hand-sewn, embroidered with glass beads and it was perfect for me. It cost me almost nothing, but now I have a masterpiece in my wardrobe. For accessories – I made headband with fresh flowers myself as well as Irmantas flower.

A dream

As a little girl, I of course had a dream about my wedding. I had extremely detailed plan of the party, the dress, the cake and other stuff. And I was waiting for that so long. The day when I met Irmantas, my future husband, the dream faded away somehow. I just knew I wanted to be with him and that was all. When we started to talk about starting family, it was never about a party or nice photos. It was always about a promise. I could never state otherwise now. DSC_0096  A wish

I wish all couples who love each other will get married because belonging to someone is lifting feeling. I wish all those who are getting married will concentrate into being together and feeling good rather than spending more money for cheap and sparkly stuff. I also wish that those who are married will love and stay loved forever. Today is our one month wedding anniversary. I know, it is funny anniversary, but I think that we have to celebrate even small things.

Irmantas: All I can say is all 100 percent true! Like my wife I was sometimes thinking about how my future wedding is going to look like, (YES MEN ALSO THINK ABOUT THIS) but this is how it was in reality, cheep (in a good way), spontaneously, without any overpriced shiny thing, cakes and ect. (you know what I’m talking about) So advice from us I think is going to be: keep your weddings as minimal as possible, because it’s your day, not your uncles, aunts or cousin you have never seen in your life. 🙂


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