3 miracles this week


I love small things. I believe that all universe is a mosaic of tiny pieces and these details make the world the way it is.

I focus on small things that happen every day, so I could create my own world with my own details the way I like and feel comfortable. I strongly believe that surrounding yourself in things you really like and feel confident about makes you feel safe.

Miracles that happen this week:

  1. We started our blog.

After few months of thinking (actually meaning doing nothing and waiting for better days) we just created a page and some posts. It was much easier than I thought it is going to be – doing casual things, but sharing these moments with others somehow makes us better and closer to each other. I like out planning, creating, writing, taking photos and all other related activities so far.

  1. I received a letter from my beloved friend Daiva from London.

My beloved colleague from previous job Daiva sent me a greeting card! It was a nice surprise: she found my current job address and just sent me a real letter!! I was so happy when I found it first day after long vacation. I love her so much and I miss her too. Hopefully we will meet again one day when she’s back here or maybe I will get a chance to visit her in London .

  1. It is finally snowing!

When I was a kid I remember us having long and real winters (by “real” I mean lots of snow, enormous cold and lakes covered in thick layer of ice so people can ski). Now it is different – all December was wet, ugly, cloudy and windy. And yesterday it started to snow! Winter is the least favourite season of mine, however I prefer it snowy, like now – even if it is a little colder.


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