Music we love

From today every Thursday I will post music related posts. I thought it’s almost the end of the week, and we really need to relax at office, after work or at home laying and chilling in bed.
Why not Friday? Because it’s Friday! For me Fridays compares with nigh life, pubs, clubs, meeting with friends or whatever you can think of, but not about the music through your iPhone or any other device you use. So I promise from now I will share with you interesting or maybe new artist, single, album or just a song and hope will help you discover something new.

For the very first post I decided to share one album which I know very well. This album was made by my good friend in Lithuania. It’s called “Laikas paikas” (translation: “silly time”)
It is beautiful harmony between specific voice and beautiful electronic music. All together these two elements makes beautiful composition. My opinion this album perfectly fits for late evening background music or just for relaxation.atsisiųsti

For your atention Beissoul & Einius – Laikas paikas (Silly time)

So here is the Spotify link. enjoy!


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