Walking with the dog. Tiny secrets


I love Vilnius. You already know that. I love details. You already know that too.

Todays post is about small details in Vilnius Old-town, that makes it cozy, cute and mysterious. All of them are creations of talented artists. I like that these small art miniatures are popping up without any warning usually, so you have to keep looking for them on each corner.

Angels. The city is full of different angel sculptures, but I like these the most. They already became a face of Vilnius – they are sitting on roofs and watching every passenger. Created by Vaidotas Ramoška.


The tile of miracle. This one is probably the most popular object in Vilnius. Inserted in the middle of the Cathedral square pavement this tile attracts everyone to step on it and turn around three times. People say that it helps your wish to come true.


The wall of Literatų street. The street itself is super narrow and goes down the hill – that makes it attractive to me. On 2007 group of artist decided to decorate the mani wall of the street inserting some own making and dedicated for chosen writer art pieces. The project is continuing until today.


Apple tile. The tile with picture of apple was created in 2007 and the most popular place of first dates in Vilnius – Moniuska square. For me it was challenge to find it at first, because I do not see that square as the most popular place for dates (although I like it myself).


Belly of luck. Rumour has it that you can expect you luck to find you if you rub the belly. We will find out if it is true or not, since it is new art piece (installed only in 2013), still cannot judge.


The Lamplighter. It is probably the cutest and most romantic sculpture in Vilnius (for me). One think that the sculpture embodies lamps lightening man, other believe that the man is lifting the Moon up to the sky. I like tis version much more. Created by artist Vytautas Nalivaika.


We had a long walk today. The distance totally: 14,3 km by car and 4,9 km on foot.


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