Our best friend

DSC_0013Todays post is dedicated to my best friend. You can see him in almost all posts, because we take him together wherever we go.

I see myself as a friend of a nature, sensitive person, I guess that’t the reason why I am so in love with all species of animals. I like to talk to them and I do believe they understand. I also like giving them human names. I know it seems silly, but I feel that each spirit, no matter what body it has, is similar to each other.

By the way, recent researches show that dogs can understand and remember not only separate words, but sentences as well. That means they are clever enough to make connections between different words. Create meanings. Isn’t this ability similar to humans?


I convinced this theory to be true when Knutas joined our family 7 years ago. He is my best friend. He knows many commands, he’s friendly, nice, patient and kind dog, taking care of everyone around. He follows me when I get too far from home when walking around our summer house, he pokes me with his cold nose when I oversleep, he always comes to the door when I am back. He is so good to me and my husband, I am sometimes thinking that he is much better than me. He never judges, always listens.


We take him together as often as we can, sadly, not each time when we are out. I miss him during the day. And sometimes I catch myself thinking that he does much more for me, than I do for him, I appreciate each moment together, so me and Irmantas decided to dedicate Sundays posts for him.




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