3 miracles this week


It was quite rough week – coming back to job after 2 weeks vacation, weather changing from super cold and snowy to wet rainy shenanigan.. I am glad that I decided to write about 3 miracles a week. That means that even if I am not feeling well, I still be looking for small details that makes me happy and appreciate them. Gladly, they are always there.

1. Yoga.

I used to practice yoga three-four times a week. It was two years ago. Then I quit my classes because my job hours matched with classes. I’ve learned so much although – few asanas combination helps with my back pains very well, longer practice sessions makes me sleep better. I became more concentrated to my tasks and noticed that I can manage them with much less effort. So I tried some asanas again for a little stretch and decided to keep going. Christmas is over – time to start moving more.

2. Cinnamon latte.

Or maybe cinnamon latte with whipped cream on top. Do this need more explanation? I used to like this drink so much and I rediscovered  it last Saturday. Makes me feel romantic.

3. Childhood memories.

We found a box of Irmantas toys from his childhood. It was great occasion to share our memories and funny silly moments. Made our evening. Irmantas even wrote a post yesterday.

So keeping the promise I made to myself – to be thankful for small details I am given – I would like to thank this week for opportunity to spend more time with my husband and share special moments together.


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