Walking with the dog. Vilnius full of space


Vilnius old town is located in a hollow, surrounded by hills, so it is easy to find a spot for nice city panorama. I could easily count 10 nice places, although because of the weather – snowstorm and rain at the same time, we decided to visit only three – my favourite places.

The hill of Three Crosses. It is located close to old town, the most popular Vilnius object – Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle is seen perfectly well. It is my favourite location because the best part  – Vilnius Cathedral, its square and even Užupis can be seen from it.


The hill of Tauras. In winter it is popular for those who are interested outdoor activities – sledges, skiing, rolling down the hill – everything is allowed here (you can see tiny people having fun while we are taking photos). It is also known as a place to watch New Year fireworks. The panorama here is different – mostly 19-20th architecture, busy streets. On weekends the flea market (some pictures also) is open – great spot to visit before lunch.


DSC_0064DSC_0075            DSC_0067Subačius Steet viewpoint. We’ve met this New Year there, and visited again when making photos for this post. My beloved Užupis takes almost all field of vision.


Next to this site – Vilnius Bastion Hill. The view is similar, although we found my favourite graffiti writing on the building nearby. I like it so much and for me it has so many different meanings. My favourite version of it was this one , but the object no longer exists. I named the post in honor of this:


Our city is so small comparing to other european capitals, but is has so many nice places at the same time. The old town, angels, silence, space, hills, cobbled streets, bell towers.. Each time you are looking for a shot you can find something new. Miracles..


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