3 miracles this week


Things getting better everyday. More sun, more energy, I even walked to my office today and it was amazing to do that, in spite the weather is still not perfect (how can it be perfect in winter?). I have been enjoying my job, my colleagues, my weekend (exploring Vilnius and having some nice kitchen experiences), I also took my headphones with me together to the office, so I was able to listen to music a little. There were so many things to appreciate this week, amazing!!

1. We took our dog to vet and he is much better

Knutas has a serious problem with his hip. It is now painful for him to walk, not even talking about long distances. Regardless of pain he is in the good mood – always friendly and nice, always happy to see us again after long day of absence. It is so sad to watch him suffering, but he got some medicine prescribed and it seems he is getting better. Luckily is not a major joint dislocation, but some kind of trauma and vet said he is going to be fine.

2. Listening to old songs – the ones you loved some time ago

I am not the one who likes to discover new music. In general, I like to listen what I already know and I stick to it,  I hate experiments, so adding new bands to my favourites list is kind of rare thing. For me listening to music is the way to be for myself – I usually use headphones and enjoy beautiful pieces alone. I love classical music and almost everything which includes full orchestra. This week I found some songs I was forgotten about, and listening to them gave so much pleasure. Even some memories related to these pieces came back. Magical. This is the one I adore the most at the moment.

3. Halva.

I think more popular in the East, halva is sweet nuts or seeds based confection. My favourite one is made of peanuts. It is super rich, fat, heavy thing, but I am so in love with it recently. I have no story behind that only that it reminds me of childhood. Probably the second nostalgic thing this week.

Now, when I noticed days getting longer and longer I started to dream about summer. Probably that is how nostalgic feelings are born. I started to dream again.


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