Magic apple pie

DSC_0193I like to discover new recipes, but each time I find a perfect one, I stick to it for long time. This apple pie is not an exception. It is my favourite variation of apple pie ever and  I know the proportions that well, that I found really difficult to write them down, since for me baking this pie is automatic action. However I enjoy each moment because the smell is amazing in all place and the result is amazing each time.

For me this pie is perfect because I like the filling of the pie to be wet and rich, I am not a fan of yeast pastries, anything which is dry and requires tea on top immediately. The base and the top are super thin, the filling is spicy, runny, sweet, sour and smells like cinnamon and miracle. The proportion of dough and apples are just like I prefer. The standard of perfect filling and dough combination would probably be Twin Peaks cherry pie. By the way, I am looking for recipe of this miracle too, when I find it, I will definitely write a post about.

So, back to apple pie.


For the base:

400g of white flour
200g of cold butter
2-3tbsp of cold water
pinch of salt

For the filling:

8-10 medium apples
10 tbsp of white sugar (if you use brown, add more)
2 tbsp of potato starch
1tsp of ground nutmeg
1tsp of cinnamon
1tsp of vanilla sugar or few drops of vanilla essence (optional)
50g of butter

Grade butter into flour with salt , mix all ingredients with fingers until the mixture looks like wet sand. Sprinkle the water in and mix everything again. All ingredients should stick together into a dough. You can also use food processor to speed things up, however I always do that by hand. Cover the bowl with the dough with plastic wrap and put into a fridge for 30min.

Prepare the filling. Cut apples into small thin peaces, mix with sugar and spices. Leave for a while until apples produces juice. Mix the starch into attentively. Starch together with juice will create amazing which sauce. Add more starch if you find it necessary.


Take the dough out, roll out 2/3 of the dough into round shape as a base for pie (it should be ~3-4mm thick).  I use 25 cm baking form, so the shape of the dough for me should be around 30cm – few centimetres from each side for edges. Line the base into baking form, and put into 180’C preheated oven for about 10min for base to half-bake (take it out when you see the top of the dough got slightly dryer). Roll the dough that left into a cover (similar thickness), take a knife and make small cuts in it – this is crucial step to prevent the pie from explosion and letting the filling to steam. Pour the filling in, add small pieces of butter on top and cover the pie with the dough. Bake for 45-50mins, let it sit and cool down at least 15mins before serving.


Happy Sunday!!


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