Walking with the dog. Secret courtyards

DSC_00992Each city has it own secrets, each entrance keeps stories and memories, each street caries burden of many events and accidents. I like exploring my own city, alone or when walking the dog with my husband. Even though I’ve lived here for all my life, and Irmantas  moved here only four years ago, we both have some special places to share with each other. Every Sunday became a nice adventure time – sometimes not that far away from home, sometimes further, but always exciting and fun. We are now planning few trips out of the town,  but the weather is unpredictable these days, so we’ll see what happens next weekend.

So this time Irmantas was the one who leads the expedition. He kept all places in secret and to be honest, I knew only one. Shame on me. But we had really nice time, we’ve learned a lot and found some small details which made our trip even more special. I’ve also noticed that almost all entries were super small, narrow and low,  so sometimes you have to bend if you want to get inside. Probably that’s why these yards look so mystical.

Evangelical Church courtyard. You see the tower of the church from Vokiečių street – one of the widest streets in Vilnius. But to go inside you first have to get into a nice courtyard. And the entrance is cute. And low.


Lovers courtyard. It is not the real name of it, I have no idea if it has a name at all, but everyone in Vilnius knows it (that was the one I knew!!). It has probably the narrowest passage in whole town. It is said that you have to go through it while holding hands with your significant other, so you could stay together forever. I don’t know if it is true or not, but we did that today. You know, just in case.



Oh, by the way, this strange face here is an angel who guards the Passage of Love.

Benedictine monastery courtyard. This one is tricky – easy to get lost. The monastery has 4 or 5 connected courtyards, each of them looks different. One of them has extraordinary tunnel – I couldn’t fine one straight line in there. And the light was so limited there two. Surprisingly there were few offices there.



Seminary yard. This one is not like others – it is wide, renewed, has a view to Presidency of Lithuania courtyard – restaurant rents it for weddings, the office of Italian Cultural Centre also located here. Has university-monastery vibe.


Random super cute courtyard. We found it while searching for Seminary yard – it has the same amazing view of presidency yard, but some super old romantic details too – nice old brick walls, the church office with nice windows, tiny little garden. From now on it is one of my favourite spots in Vilnius.



The cat. The sculpture was raised in memorium of a writer Jurga Ivanauskaitė. It is located in Station district, not romantic place at all, however the cat is smiling and lifts the mood nicely.


This time 13,2km in total buy car and 3,5km on foot.

Oh oh, for the finish – nice piece of conceptual artwork (my favourite photo of all expedition):



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