Making beads

I love creating things with my own hands. I already told that probably in my knitting post. I just somehow do not like anything what regular shops offer – most of the clothing pieces look bad quality, or I do not like the material, other thing usually look overpriced for me. I don’t know, maybe shopping is just not my thing.

So I like making candles, painting greeting cards, knitting sweaters, making my own jewellery. This post is about the newest hobby – jewellery.


DSC_0037  DSC_0034  DSC_0041I’ve just started, so I have only few pieces to show, however, I decided to dedicate more of my spare time to this activity, because I found it relaxing as well as neat, easy and manageable in time. The best and most interesting part for me is creating my own beads. I make them from polymer clay and mix them together with glass and stone beads. I have more ideas and can’t wait to make them come true!!

P.S. My favourites are beads with steel dots.


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