Colour inspiration. White

DSC_0113Being third generation artist in our family means sensitivity to shapes, contrasts, proportion and colour. In each thing, no matter what.  According to my diploma, I am interior designer, however I was never willing to become one. I think I’ve chosen these studies for myself to develop as an artist, because even though I was surrounded by arts all the time, I wanted to challenge myself in creating something, not only being able to understand it. Interior design was a great choice – it is a mix of magic of arts, history and creation, together with numbers, logic and structure. These are my two passions and I feel they follow me in every thing that I do.


During my student years I found myself as super sensitive to colours, interested in psychological aspects of selecting colours, so I really got into creating proper atmosphere matching them. I discover my  favourite shades to be milk, dusty rose, fog/haze, rain cloud, plum, aubergine, wet asphalt, spring green, baby blue and white. All of them creates calm and soft atmosphere, stimulates creativity. I will make posts for different colours in the future giving more insights about each. This post is dedicated to white and I’d like to share my inspirations in using white.

White is perfect for decorating your home. White surrounding associates with peace, pureness and light, it does not affect your feelings, however creates a space to free your imagination if you are in the mood. In this clean and silent background you can play selecting details in different colours to add more action, so it never gets boring.

ArchitectureArtDesigns-2722   ArchitectureArtDesigns-2820

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White clothing calms down your inner you. Wearing white also helps with reducing stress, lifts spirituality. Playing with textures, different materials and nice details can help to create different images starting mysterious goddess ending cute sunday-in-countryside look.

Chanel 9   Baltas2

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Your everyday stuff. Choosing white planner, phone case, headphones or wallet creates optimistic atmosphere. So pay attention to which items associate with stress and get them in white. For me, lets say, following the schedule is one of the hardest things, so my planner is milk white – so every time I take it, I feel lifted and optimistic instead of stressful, and planning my day turned into nice and lifting experience.

LPlanner06   j037zk-l-610x610-shoes-sock-socks-knit-knit+socks-knitted+socks-warm-fuzzy-cute-hipster-white-white-cozy-bohemian-holiday+season-underwear-knitted

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So these are mine inspirations, I wish for everyone to bring more light in your everyday life so it gets more special and magical.


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