3 miracles this week

DSC_0158I guess it is over with snow this year. Forecast says that we are not going to experience real winter anymore, so wet windy weather stays with us until Spring. Strange, knowing that in New York, or somewhere in Romania snow storms are beyond all the limits, and both are not those “heavy winter” areas. I feel that this year everything goes wrong with weather and it is hard to plan outside activities ahead, so I find miracles to happen inside this week.

1. Meeting with Emilia.

We’ve seen each other ages ago. So it was nice to have some coffee and cheesecake and catch up on things. It was also important meeting for me – I remembered how kind and peaceful people can be and she is the one who teaches me that. I appreciate this, I love her, I feel lifted after a few hours spent together.

2. Caraway tea.

I already mentioned this before, but I think I forgot to mention that I am totally in love with this tea. I can drink it with food or without it, all day around. Adding some sugar helps with chocolate craving a lot. It is also good for digestion, however, I’ve heard somewhere that it is better for women than men.

3. Moving out.

We have decided to move out our recent place. We like to stay in, enjoy good homemade food, watching movies, making crafts projects, but the place we live in right now is not comfortable for us anymore. It is a nice place, however, we decided that we have to move out if we want to move forward. It is not going to happen soon, maybe in two months or so, but the very idea of moving is so comforting for me and I feel so excited!


P.S. The first photo shows one of the most popular activities while staying in on Sundays. Happily our dog is super patient.


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