8 tips for happier life

DSC_0097So many things changed in last two years – changing job, meeting Irmantas, getting married, traveling, moving from place to place. These experiences let me grow up a bit and taught me very important lessons. I finally found a way of living that I am absolutely happy and comfortable about, so I want to share them with you and I hope you find something new for yourself.

1. Accept yourself the way you are

Good grades, extra classes, being pretty, good mannered, getting good job, living on your own, being kind for everyone, always happy and nice, making only good decisions, not getting tired.. We require that from ourselves, other people require that too. But everyone sometimes fails and it is completely normal not to fulfil you expectations sometimes. You have to accept that and stay calm when failure happens.

Danger: Sometimes people get indulgent, they stop require anything that is higher that their average, so they stop developing at all. For example, my friend always forgets everything, starting big important events finishing his everyday-domestic stuff. Every time he justifies himself being a man, so all the information has to be repeated for him at least few times. He heard that on some cheap show and now his is attached to this idea so much, that actually stopped trying at all.

So I would say that the final tip here is: Always do your best what ever is it that you do, grow all the time, accept failure as a lesson on your way, learn it and carry on.

2. Surround yourself with people that you feel good about. Consider all your relationships

We have so many people around us, some of them we see every day, some of them – once or twice a year. Each relationship takes energy and time, but you get great presents from it back. However sometimes relationships require so much effort and the quality of it does not satisfy. Usually it is a friend who is not that smart/creative/intelligent/successful  as you are and he/she takes advantage of your friendship. You should consider very well whom to keep in your life and with whom it is just not working out and make decisions: start with those who always let you down, make you cry, try to hurt or controls you, who’s values are opposite yours. I find keeping these relationships is just not working. You would be surprised how many people around are not with your time, energy, or feelings.

Danger: You shouldn’t think badly about each and everyone – usually relationships simply do not work and it doesn’t mean that that person is somehow bad. First – make sure you did everything you could to fix or improve the situation, only then decide, whether to keep the friendship or let it go. And ones you keep you should love as much as you are able to, and work with it constantly.

When you find you are surrounded only with people you want, you will also notice how much easier  it is – everyday gets less stressful, your mind gets clearer, you are happier.

3. Love yourself  – give yourself a gift everyday

Discover what could make your day amazing – give a gift for yourself. It should be small but nice treat – maybe a walk during a lunch time, coffee in your favourite cafe, finding a moment and read a book, practice yoga, knitting or whatever else you feel good about doing. Do it to pamper yourself, because you deserve it, but keep it special, so you could have something to enjoy every day.

4. Make choices yourself – do not let other people or situations control you

This one is easy – if you want to feel good about your choices you have to make them yourself. Never regret your choices, train yourself to make good ones. It is ok to fail sometimes, but if you want to feel that you are the one who controls your life, you have to take everything in your hands. Ask you friends for support, but decide yourself – friendly advice is not always the right answer.

5. See positive side of situations even when you think it is impossible.

Do you think your job is hard? Maybe you learn new things there, or maybe you are surrounded by nice people? I once myself had an awful job and I sticked to it because I knew that I can learn so much about the area I was interested in, so I just kept going, and the very minute whet I decided that I have enough knowledge  and the job takes too much effort to stay motivated, I simply quit.

6. Share

Whatever you have, share. You are never going to become better person if you keep whatever you have only for yourself. Create nice and warm atmosphere around you – sharing is free, but valuable. Share whatever you want and are able to: Is you mood good today? Can you teach someone the thing you are good in? Can you help someone? Can you treat someone with compliment? It is easy. When you give something to the world, it will definitely give you back. Karma works.

7. Have dreams

And dream big. Having dreams lets you feel like everything is possible for you, also reminds you that the place you are now is not the end – you can and you have to move, improve yourself all the time. And about making dreams come true – I believe that if it is real in you imagination, it can be real in real live. How far you go depends only on you.

8. Love and appreciate

Those who live in love are happier, those who can appreciate even small things are always positive. And it is easier to make decisions when everything is bright around. Consider if each thing you do helps to grow love inside you. And if it does – collect those experiences and share with others.

I know this post was super long and I hope that at least one person found here at least on useful thing. And I also thank for everyone who have read it. Keep your life in your own hands, do not let yourself to spend your time and energy on things that are not essential. Concentrate on what you really need and love. Concentrate on happiness rather than negative things. These are my wishes for this weekend. Happy Friday!


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