Chocolate bars

DSC_0362Customised chocolate is always a great gift. I always bring something with me when visiting friends because I think it is a good sign not to come empty hands. Chocolate is suitable for everyone and it also makes the gift pretty.

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Three style icons

Three-style-iconsI have never considered myself as a fashion person. However I am so attracted to people who have their own style. What I find interesting in them is their persona and courage to look and act the way they like. It inspires myself to be more open and brave. Today I am going to share some of my favourite persons I feel inspired about.

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The old park


I love visiting places, I love exploring, actually we both do. However sometimes laziness does it job and we end up in the places we already know,or, for the worst – at home. So this blog makes us move all the time, explore and look for interesting things to write about. I couldn’t imagine now not doing it – our weekends are dedicated to these posts and we both feel happy about it.

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Nutella truffles

DSC_0020-(2)I like to cook a lot, specially on weekends, and I try to put some extra effort in main dishes because for me it is a symbol of cozy and calm time together, and I also want to serve something nice for my family. For me making food is a sign of love. And it makes everything a bit special.

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