Modern Vilnius.

DSC_006311I’ve looked back to “walking with the dog” posts and discovered, all the pictures for these posts were made in the old town. Yes, we live nearby, and I like it a lot, so it is easy to walk the dog there, and take some pictures. But still, we decided to write few posts about modern Vilnius. Or just add some other stuff, since we both do not consider Vilnius as an old forgotten city, but rather developing and growing all the time.

Swedbank building. This one is my favourite architecture project I’ve seen. I like texture, materials, idea, everything. It was also the object of my photography course project five years ago, and I still like taking photos of it. Even though it became a background of 99% of pictures taken in Vilnius (considering from Facebook news feed and profile pictures), I still love it.




Restaurant “Stebuklai” (“Miracles”). The part of huge modern complex of offices, located on the edge of Vilnius centre. We found another Angel of Vilnius too.



National Gallery of Arts. These textured strange angled buildings are the most interesting part of all the setting for me.


Baltic hearts. Three buildings complex, lovely project. The name reflects three Baltic states, the complex itself is located along the street where the Baltic Way started 25 years ago. I loved the architecture, but after I learned what is the name of it, I love this project even more.



The Library of Vilnius University. This one is so far away in the opposite direction than an old town is, that I visited this one for the first time. It is opened for two years, but yes, I just had no chance to visit it. Or didn’t bother, I don’t know. Since libraries are not the first choice to spend my time, it happened only now. I like it, though. Maybe one day, when I study again, this will be the place to go.



Oh, and these are my favourite photos of the expedition. Again, so art.


DSC_0046  DSC_0056


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