Colour inspiration. Blue

DSC_0135xIam in love with colour blue. Almost all shades are amazing for me and I found that blue is perfect in combinations with other colours as well as used alone.

Blue was always very expensive and royal colour in general. Probably because the pigment of it was so expensive and difficult to get in ancient world, so traditionally was used in royal palaces for decor and in monarch families clothing expressing their highborn privileges and wealthiness. It also symbolises the sky, so for spiritual purposes was broadly used in arts for decorating churches, portraying the heaven.

640px-Meister_des_Mausoleums_der_Galla_Placidia_in_Ravenna_001 GiottoPadoue01 Egyptian-blue-goblet-mesopotamia-1500-1300-BCE-first-synthetic-blue-first-made-in-2500-BCETripodic_goblet_Louvre-

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Psychologically blue creates calm and peaceful mood, it is deep, spiritual colour. In my opinion, it is the best choice for details in the living room or bedroom. I myself own few bed linen sets and I am urging to get a few more:

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 22.48.16  DuvetcoverSolid-ambassador1 2

Clothing. Blue is so versatile – adding different details you can actually change the outfit a lot. It works perfect as a statement colour, as well as a base for other pieces  you want to emphasize. It is also very classical colour, psychologically makes you feel self-confident, elegant and put together so it is the best choice for important meetings or other stressful situations. Unlike any other colours, perfectly fits for all skin types and complexions.

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Blue for dishes. Even though the colour itself is chic and blue glass and pottery looks amazing, I would consider twice before choosing blue for dishes. Dark blue, navy, royal blue, would work perfectly as a base for food, however turquoise, azure or any other bright cold toned blue will definitely make your appetite to go away – any shade that makes your food look pale or grey is not ok.

P1230786-1024x681  image

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These are my insights about blue. I remember having a tiny navy poncho when I was a little girl. I wanted it in red or yellow, but my mom said blue fits better. She was right. Blue suits everyone.


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