Three miracles this week

DSC_0003Things are changing all the time, and now, they are changing so fast! I love being in the center of events, new lessons, challenges. I feel myself growing better than ever. I found this post to be the great reason to appreciate small details and I feel more and more grateful every week.

1. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of having my job.

I love everything about my job – the idea, people, atmosphere, opportunities, experiences, challenges, freedom, happiness.. I have a job everyone can dream about – working among the best colleagues, learning new things everyday, making your ideas and dreams come true and always celebrate even small achievements. I am so thankful that I can wake up happy on Monday knowing that I will have a great day. And it is always true.

2. Massage.

I took some massage therapy sessions for my neck, because I’ve learned that neck problems cause my headaches. The pain is gone and I feel better than ever. Simple solutions for big problems.

3. Taking photos at night.

We decided to take some photos of Vilnius at night, and we had a great time. We actually discovered some places to be nicer at night, and we found some new ankles to watch the city. The full post about our odysssey will be out on Sunday, as always.

And I’ve heard birds singing. It is unusual at winter time. And it is a miracle too. Oh, that’s four this week..


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