Two gifts for yourself: love and share

DSC_0134I discovered these two projects this week and I cannot leave these for myself. Both of them left strong message inside, and maybe the time was right for them to appear – in the middle of the winter, when I am craving for spring, greenery around and less stressful times. In February I am usually depressed a little, so I reach for something hopeful and bright. These two projects made me see things from different angles.


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 23.23.59

This project made me celebrate not only my own appearance, but also my character, manners, my own ideas. Meeting different people with deep, interesting stories, and sometimes even opposite view made me to get more in love with myself and the world that surrounds me, including all the people, situations and challenges. I also discovered new ways of understanding what is going on around, what we all do and what we are able to do only by looking at things differently. I don’t know, watching these interviews makes me a better person. I love you.

The man’s guide to love

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 22.26.24

Irmantas showed me this one and I am so grateful for it.  I was used to the idea that only women talk about love, feelings, they search for deeper experiences in a relationship and only they find these things to be important. I mean, yes, men also love, but I thought they do not make a deal from that. I first thought that Irmantas is an exception, because he is so caring, kind, attentive, sensitive and loving. I was wrong. Men are sensitive. And reflective. They just do not talk about it that much. This project is about men sharing experiences about love. It educates me, teaches me and it makes me feel closer to man’s view. And it makes me love Irmantas even more.

Yes, these two touching projects are my this weeks discoveries. I probably needed some openness and sincerity. I feel lifted now – I watched almost all these videos twice, and I am sure I will watch them again.

I have a Friday wish for you: love and share. Happy Friday!!


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