Walking with the dog. Lights

DSC_0022I used to walk everywhere – to my job and back it was about 11km and no matter what the weather was, I almost always walked. I used to know the routine of the main old-town streets hourly, I’ve learned so many faces then, I was  part of that city life. And I miss it. I miss meeting same faces everyday, having long walks home – it was my time of the day – all great ideas were born during these walkings.

My current office is close to the place I live, and away the city centre, so I am no longer interested into walking that much. So we decided that we should visit some of the objects I used to see everyday. This time – at night, taking long exposure photos.



The traffic is busy here all the time. It is 9PM in the evening.


Some old fashioned architecture looking strange at night.


This is my favourite photo: The lightening of this bridge is super bright and colours are changing. Purple is the nicest one.


I’ve never seen this place at night. Love this mysterious lights.



Random pics.

This evening was fantastic – I never thought that taking photos in the night was so exciting – sipping coffee and taking long exposure photo in the middle of the street when it’s freezing, and the traffic is still alive. That was new to me. I like new things..


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