Knitting movies

moviesI thought I would share my favourite knitting movies with you. So maybe if you feel a need of some movies for the background, while you do something else, you could include these in your list.

What is knitting movie? I do not watch TV at all – I find all the programmes to be too lame, and I like to choose what I watch myself. So I basically watch documentaries and movies. There are some movies I’ve seen few times, there are some I know each second of it, I’ve learned all dialogs etc, I love the story line, and usually the soundtrack is amazing. So these are my knitting movies. I watch them while knitting, because they do not require extreme attention – I know what is going to happen and I watch them not because of some emotional experience, but for having entertainment.

Julie and Julia

I love this one because of easy story line, and the food theme.

Bridges of Madison County

I really believe this movie does not need any introduction. As you may already noticed – I love Meryl Streep as an actress.

The Prestige

Amazing storyline, tricks, magic, unexpected end, costumes.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Cute story but strange at the same time. 

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

I like magic, I love good costumes. Friendship, duty, hope, believing in good, strength, magic. Love everything about these books and movies. Each character, location, details.. 

The Legends of the Fall

I saw a men crying while watching this movie. I almost always cry as well. Something about this story touches me deeply. I think it is my favourite movie of all times.

I know these movies are super popular, and it is really low chance you haven’t seen   even one of them, but I hope that this post will work as a reminder for times when easy content movie is needed.


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