How to dry your shoes

DSC_0188Oh, isn’t it beautiful when it’s snowing outside?… Or…or… That warm rain in summer, and that amazing smell after? Yes, but everybody HATES when their shoes get wet –  you can easily get cold, your shoes get ruined and finally, it is so uncomfortable. If that would be not enough, drying winter shoes takes so long.

So today I’m going to share with you a quick tip how to dry your shoes.

There are three methods how you can do that:

1st. method

If you own a clothes dryer you can put your shoes in there, but only if your shoes are synthetic or cotton and has no hard rubber or gel soles. Any other type of shoes….well, I’m not recommending to put in dryer
1. Before you put your shoes in the dryer, wash them if they are muddy or just dirty, because you don’t want to mess your clothes dryer.
2. Then untie the laces, but not completely.
3. Fill the dryer with a few dishrags or towels.
4. Open the dryer door, pair your shoes side by side with the toes up and set shoes against the inside of the dryer door.
5. Loop your shoelaces up around the top of the dryer door and then carefully shut the door, part of your laces should extend out of the dryer.
6. Set the dryer to complete medium or low cycle of no more that 60 minutes.

2nd. method

1. Check the construction of your shoes, if they are leather or gel-soled athletic shoes this method will work great for you.
2. Wash them with a garden hose or a tap
3. Use sturdy floor or table fan. Set up fan in a garage or utility room, place towel underneath to catch water drops when shoes are going to dry.
4. Use sturdy floor or table fan. Set up fan in a garage or utility room, place towel underneath to catch water drops when shoes are going to dry.
5. Remove thick insoles set them on a radiator to dry.
6. Find an old wire hanger you always get them when you take clothes from the dry cleaner. Cut two ~15cm (6-inch) lengths of wire using your wire cutter. Bend the wire so that it is in an “S” shape.
7. Hook the small ends of form wire on the fan. Loosen the laces on the shoes and hand them the hook. Make sure that the fan air reaches the inside of the shoes as much as possible

3rd. method

1. Find few of the newspapers.
2. Clean your shoe if they covered in dirt.
3. Ball up newspaper and stuff inside of the shoe. Continue with each shoe until its filled with balls of newspaper.
4. Wrap the exterior of the shoes in flat pieces of newspaper, string a rubber band around to make it steady.
5. Set shoes in a well ventilated area of the house or under the radiator. If shoes were soaked, the newspaper will need to be changed several times.DSC_0194

Hope this tip was helpful. Take care of your shoes and they will take care of you.

P.S. Especially make them clean, because women notice that very well and can make preconception about you. But about that in the other post 🙂


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