3 miracles this week

c2e0dab03318e01e0d1c8bf4d56b1b025baf334efc4d22963b10a62d6c245771When you get bored what do you do? Where do you seek for your inspiration? I always considered myself being introvert, and some moments of this week proved that perfectly. However, when looking for inspiration, I go for people and moments, and sharing. Having something I experienced with another human being makes my live reasonable. My miracles this week:

  1. Sharing emotions

I don’t know – is it cold weather, or being super busy makes us so anti-social. I feel people mind only business of their own and are so concentrated into making through the day. It is hard to find someone who really enjoys the moment and appreciates gifts being together is giving.

I was looking for an inspiring quote one day and found a website full of sarcastic jokes. I started laughing loudly and sharing some of best jokes with my colleagues. The days was lifted definitely. Next day one preloved song popped up in my head. Listening to it made me super sad. And happy at the same time – I felt awake and alive. Lifted somehow. I don’t know, maybe I am melancholic person, but that made me feel good.

2. This song

This is the song I was talking about. Can not believe it was forgotten for at least a year.

The project ‘blouse A’ is created by my friend Urte, and the song is by Golden Parazyth (have no idea what is the title of the song though).

3. Knitting a scarf

It is the end of winter, yes. But I have unfinished knitting project – woollen scarf for my husband. I decided to finish it and I remembered how calming and meditative this process is. I love everything about knitting – selecting a project, creating a pattern, buying yarn (my favourite), making samples, knitting. Oh, I wish I had all woollen yarn in the world, so I could knit scarves and sweaters and mittens and share with everyone.

Sharing.. I have no idea when did this come into my mind, but I am guessing it is because of the Spring. There is no sign of it outside, but each year I heel hope rising inside me somewhere in February. Hope of life and vividness. Spring is coming.


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