Forest in the city

DSC_0150xThere are 4 forests in the area of Vilnius. Despite the fact that Vilnius is the greenest city I have ever been to, it is surrounded by serious woods as well. Some of them are made into parks, some of them less known and occupied, so there are a bunch of options to walk a dog staying in the city.


DSC_0142  DSC_0078We have chosen Valakampiai this time – there is an art centre located, some barbecue areas, and some nice walking paths along the riverside. There are also some untouched forest zones, so you can walk alone if you want to. For me this place is very important – my grandparents used to live here, and I spent quite a part of my childhood here. I remember myself learning to ride a bike. And the air used to be so clean and surroundings so quiet.. Oh, so much nice memories…



DSC_0115  DSC_0125

The thing I love the most about Valakampiai is that it is 5mins drive form our place by car. Isn’t that amazing?


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