Inspirational quotes

DSC_0044xI seek for inspiration everywhere – in movies, books, at my job, while walking the dog. I found that doing my daily things is always more meaningful if I do them inspired and happy. I cannot do my job, because I have to. I do my job, because it is amazing. I also try to avoid preparing food if I am tired or nervous, because I know that the result is going to be awful, and my own experience of making it is ruined.

To keep my spirit up I have a note book where I write down things that inspires me. It is usually quotes, but I also have some photos, short stories, movies, challenges I faced that day. It is so fun to go back to previous notes and remember what inspired me a year or two ago. And sometimes only going through pages inspires me again.

Today I want to share three quotes which inspire me right now.




I hope you find this post rather inspiring than lame – I think everyone should find their inspiration source, no matter what is it, so they could experience their everyday deeds much happier. Happy Monday!


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