Three miracles this week

DSC_0118It is two weeks to go until Spring. Not that much, considering how long it took us to get from Christmas time until the next exciting part of the year. I already bought some seeds to plant basil and oregano at home and I am really looking forward to do that. The idea of upcoming warmth and sunny days makes me more optimistic so probably that’s why I found much more miracles this week:

1. Sprouting

I used to eat sprouts much more few years ago and I am happy to come back in doing so. Sprouting is magic on it’s own – one day you have a seed and next day it is a whole plant. Most importantly sprouts are filled with energy and life, they have vitamins and minerals to make you feel alive and happy. Watching seeds sprouting is also a meditative activity.

2. Homemade peanut butter

There is nothing easier than this. You just roast some peanuts, put them into your blender, add pinch of salt and press the button. After few minutes you are left with amazing, super flavoured, natural peanut butter. It was new experience for me and I have no idea why I haven’t tried this before.

3. Pilates

I tried pilates at my office last Wednesday. I still prefer yoga, but I found an hour of pilates is great way to stretch and move a bit after a day of work. I am not cardio workouts fan, so since I have nothing else besides my yoga practises at home I feel I am going to continue pilates with pleasure.

4. Taking Knutas to my office

My colleagues are open minded about dogs, and my office is pet friendly, so I decided to take him with me. He is suffer from serious allergy and loneliness recently which results as rashes on his body and itchy paws. Being with him helps a lot, I think that he is much happier after being with me for whole day. Irmantas takes Knutas with him tomorrow.

5. Three days weekend

We have a National day on February 16th, so it is day off for everyone here. It is Lithuanias Independence day and it has heavy meaning  for each lithuanian.

I also tried some more new recipes during this long weekend and they will come into blog posts soon!


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