Nutella truffles

DSC_0020-(2)I like to cook a lot, specially on weekends, and I try to put some extra effort in main dishes because for me it is a symbol of cozy and calm time together, and I also want to serve something nice for my family. For me making food is a sign of love. And it makes everything a bit special.

To make those two days extra nice, the treat is required. Is there anything better for a treat than chocolate truffles? And these are easily made – it is very important to me, because I usually spend almost all day in the kitchen preparing lunch and dinner, so I prefer no-brainer desserts.


You need:

2oog of dark chocolate (I use half milk, half dark chocolate)
100g of heavy cream
50g of butter
half cup of Nutella
pinch of salt

If you are using chocolate chips for the recipe, there is nothing you need to do to prepare the chocolate, if you use chocolate bars (as I do) – chop them using a knife. Heat the heavy cream and butter in water bath until butter is fully melted and the mixture is close to simmer. Pour it onto chocolate chips and let them melt for few minutes. Whisk it well, until heavy cream mixture is well incorporated. Add Nutella, pinch of salt and mix everything again.Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it into a fridge for couple of hours to make sure the mixture is fully cooled down. Take it out and make truffles. I always cover them in roasted hazelnuts, because I love the combination of flavours and textures. You can also use cacao powder, powdered sugar or whatever you like.

It makes a great gift as well, yes?


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