The old park


I love visiting places, I love exploring, actually we both do. However sometimes laziness does it job and we end up in the places we already know,or, for the worst – at home. So this blog makes us move all the time, explore and look for interesting things to write about. I couldn’t imagine now not doing it – our weekends are dedicated to these posts and we both feel happy about it.




This time we decided to visit quite old park. The reason why we chose that is that it is away from the city center, it is a nice place for a panorama views, specially in winter. What we didn’t expect was that all the surface was covered in ice, so it made all things more complicated. But yes, this is how winter look like this year – one day sun is shining and birds are singing, and next day, it is -10ºC and ice everywhere..


The park itself belongs to old manor Verkiai. The most interesting part of the complex for me is pagan altar. It was built here in honor of the lithuanian culture foundation – paganism. The complex also contains greenhouse, water tower and a mill. Now the whole complex is waiting for reconstruction. But I do prefer it like it is now, probably because I like old things. It is more special and a little bit magic that way.




The park is located about 15 min from city center, if driving a car. Isn’t it amazing – the whole city is surrounded by forests. There is no need to go far if you want to run away from the city noise.


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