Three miracles this week

DSC_0180Things are getting better and better every day. I’ve just noticed today that it is not dark yet at 5:30pm, and it is quite a change comparing with darkness around 3pm on Christmas day. So yes, brighter days make me much more optimistic, it makes me see more miracles every day, it makes me feel happy about things happening in my life. Basically, I love spring and it is coming.

1. Irmantas gave me some flowers.

Eustomas are my favourite flowers and I have some in our bedroom again. I just feel happy about them somehow – they make the atmosphere at home fresh and nice.

2. Saturdays opera.

The tickets was a Christmas gift from my aunt and I was looking forward to experience something new. Opera is not my favourite entertainment. I love classical music, but operas in general is not my thing. However it was not only the performance itself (which I loved, surprisingly) that made the evening fantastic. The building of The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre itself is worth a separate post –  it is old-fashioned but stunning at the same time. I love visiting it, I love dressing up for an evening, I love the gong marking the end of a break. It is nostalgic, magical and a little strange experience. And I am happy I can share it with my husband. It was Jacques Fromental Halevy’s opera ‘La Juive’.

3. This dolls project

It is not something very new,  but today I found this project again after some time. Watching transformation of these dolls made me very happy. Amazing idea how something horrible can get a soft, nice, fresh form. This video itself made believe that there are much more beauty around, and we just cover it in shapes we think others would love more. Which is not true. People love people.

What I’ve learned this week was that smile makes you look better. I’ve also learned that many things can change, but those who you love and those who love you stay close forever. You family is the only one stable thing in this world.


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