Tips choosing Tattoo

DSC_0037Do you own a tattoo? Or maybe planning to own one sometime soon?

First, you have to understand what are you preparing to do with your body. Second, you have to know what you are going to do with your skin, You have to realize that tattoo lasts forever, it’s not going to disappear, so you must be wise in choosing what to do with your skin.

But first thing first.
Nations through the centuries was using tattoos as symbols, it was like a passport or ID to others. Hunters, tribal chiefs, warriors, the elders, sorcerer, wizards, priests. Even later in time aristocrat and Kings tattooed their body’s.
Nobody knows who and when tattooed first skin. There is a theory that in ancient Egypt Pharaoh’s started to use tattoos. How it spread all over the globe nobody knows.

In nowadays, there are all kinds of tattoos. Gang tattoos, religious tattoos, medical tattoos, prison tattoos, tattoos with no meaning, trend and fashion tattoos.
Tattoos can symbolize anything, for example life style, worldview, way of thinking, and in some social groups tattoo can say more than your own words.

So what do you need to know before putting ink under your skin?

First, you have to decide where you want to do your tattoo. If the place is going to be visible all the time, think about the reactions of others and are going to keep your job or find new one easily.

Second, don’t save money on tattoo. Do not choose some kind of dude who is doing questionable quality tattoos in his basement or at least house. Save money for longer time and find well known tattoo artist with perfect reviews.

Third, do a research about the tattoo studio, look at the artist portfolio, read a review about the studio. Make sure the place where you going is safe to your health. The place must look tidy and clean, the area where tattoos done must be separated from public space. You must see all preparation before the procedure. Needles, tattoo ink cups taken from new package’s, surfaces covered, the artist must wear gloves.

Fourth, chose drawing. Tattoo artist must give you suggestions, do a sketch and place it on your skin perfectly, where you want to.

The process of tattooing is a bit painful. Actually, it depends which part of your skin is done. There is going to be a bit of blood. After the procedure is done, the artist must explain how to take care of your freshly done tattoo, recommend what kind of medicament to take.

I heard talks about discolor, dim, fade tattoos after a few years. If tattoo done professionally and with good needles and professional ink, this shouldn’t happen! Tattoo stays the same.

And if somebody asks “how you going to look when you get old?” Just answer – amazing!
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2 responses to Tips choosing Tattoo

  1. Learning that tattoos have been around for hundreds of years is mind blowing to me. The fact that they were around in Egyptian times is really hard to grasp. I really thought that it was something that was introduced in the 1800s at the earliest. It really makes me wonder what types of tools they used and how they differ from the tattoo guns of today.


  2. I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. I want something that is meaningful to me but something that I also really like looking at. The biggest thing I think I liked about this article was the advice to not go cheap. Being younger it is tempting to find someone to do the work for cheaper, but it is a lifetime investment. Thank you for your article I think I might finally be ready to take the next step now!


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