3 miracles this week

pugasOh, the Spring is here. In calendar. But whatever Рas long as the snow is gone from my sight I feel thing are getting better! I do not mind the wind and heavy rain because I strongly believe that these are sighs of warmth, colours and lifted  mood. Together with the changing weather some big miracles came across this week!!

1. We found a new friend!!

We’ve met each other on Instagram. He is a wonderful guy from Australia recently living in North Europe. He travels a lot and it is a miracle we discovered each other while he was staying in Vilnius. We all had amazing weekend sharing stories and good moments.

2. We started to practice yoga every day.

Last week we decided to start practicing yoga every day. It is hard to start moving when you are not used to it. But we decided to make our “sometimes” activity into daily stuff. That means that we have to wake up 30mins earlier, which is painful, but totally worth it. It helps with back pain, also with toning your body and training your spirit.

3. We found a new family member!!

Hopefully everything is gone fine and by time the post is published have your new family member! We found a pug to adopt and I hope he loves us the same as we love him and we could take him home with us. Isn’t it amazing? We will definitely post the whole adoption story if everything goes well.

The cover photo is made by the current our dogs (hopefully) guardian, it is the one we are going to meet today..


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