Vegetarian protein sources. Quinoa

DSC_0041No matter whether you are vegetarian or not – we all should eat as different food as possible. I always find eating enough of proteins the hardest part in my diet. 

I love almonds, I also love vegetable stews with beans, but that was it for a long time. So I started to look for alternatives and discovered quinoa. Quinoa itself was know for me while ago, but all I could do was serve it as a side dish. Quinoa burgers was also an option, however I try to do my best in avoiding double preparation requiring dishes, I just feel they are not that healthy an vibrant anymore. Now the favourite way to serve it is quinoa salad – it is fresh, mediterranean cuisine dish which I totally approve as nice dinner option.

These were my inspiration – bright, healthy and happy spirit:

I hope these videos will be an inspiration for you to give a chance for quinoa if you haven’t tried it before. What are your favourite protein sources? What should we try next?


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