He is finally here

35497b09b3bae2e47cb2328a1b341bbd90607052fb6779ba5081987174ad8762Finally he is here!!

We took our pug on late Wednesday night, so it is two days he is with us. We are not even sure about the name yet, but we are so happy he is finally in our place.

This poor boy is 1.5 years old. A year ago, he was hardly injured, so he needed a spine surgery and could hardly walk after it. People who were temporary looking after him did a great job and he is walking again. But that is not over yet – quite intense workouts are needed to strengthen those short little legs so the pug could walk even better.  Since we have the Labrador retriever with a similar problem we just decided to work much harder on that problem and cure both dogs (hopefully).

Why the second dog? Because we love Knutas so much, but sometimes he gets lonely. We know that dog owners usually gets the second dog regarding this issue and we also believe it can help for our dog to get better.

Why the pug? Because he is small, lightweight and friendly.

How we found him? I joined the Lithuanian pugs Facebook group to learn more about this breed, and saw the message about giving away a the little pug.

What is his name? We are not sure yet, but we called him Gringo few times and it seems he responds to that name. We’ll see in a couple of days.

What is next? We are excited about our new friend. However Knutas is not that excited. We feel he is a little bit nervous about the new dog in our place. But we also see great changes in the atmosphere and we will definitely make them best friends in near future.

So, yes, from now on, our Sundays category will be called “walking with the dogS”.


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