Lazy Saturday morning. Grilled cheese

DSC_0066This week was very hard for us – so many nice, but also tiresome adventures, intense times at work, trying to solve two dogs the house issues and, of course, springy weather – wind, snow, rain and changing temperatures. Everyone is getting ill around us, and sadly, it seems, that we are getting ill too. 

Getting ill means two things: Staying in watching movies and lots of food. We do our best on selecting healthy options for all meals everyday, but when we need a special treat, things changes a lot. We decided to give a moment for grilled cheese this time – forgotten, but great breakfast option.

Irmantas is an expert here, he makes most perfect, crispy and golden grilled cheese, so tomatoes mix with spring onions and basil was all I could do.

Two sleeping dogs, cup of mock pot coffee, grilled cheese.. Saturday idyl.

P.S. I promise to share my favorite healthy breakfast options too.


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