Lithuanians I am proud of

Gediminas-Pranckevicius-Art-ImagesxLithuania is small country. It is known though for basketball fans all over the world. But usually, when I tell people where  I am from, all they can tell is that Lithuania is somewhere in Europe.

I recently discovered few famous lithuanians, and if you do not know them yet, here is a chance to meet them. I absolutely adore what they are doing, and I think you also can be inspired by them.

Gediminas Pranckevičius. Illustrator. I love these soft, melancholic pictures and a concept under each of them. Enjoy!!

bbf2ea53789fdf9725d6ffc797593f03   help_me_please_by_imperioli-d4dawu3

These pictures are taken from his website and portfolio.

Aidas Dailidė and Saulius Dailidė. Two brothers known as owners of amazing image editing app for Mac and iPad named “Pixelmator”. They both are under 30 years old but their product is well known world wide.

The app. The team.

Vaidas Būdvytis and Laurielle Būdvytis. Vaidas is lithuanian, and Laurielle is South African. This adorable couple are founders of Meraki – clothes, shoes and accessories brand. You can order online or if you live in Amserdam or Berlin, you can find actual pieces there.


The website.

There are so many lithuanians known world wide. I should probably mention some actors next time. I am sorry if this post is not what you are looking for, but for me personally it is very important, that there are great people in my country that I can be proud of.


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