Everyday deeds in charts

oIpwxeeSPy1cnwYpqJ1w_Dufer-Collateral-testI very do believe that everyday deeds of ordinary folk can keep darkness a bay, as Gandalf once said. I am so sure that taking care of your house, making yourself great breakfast and taking long evening walkings with both dogs can be the stable base for your happy life. For me happiness is having a home.

I am the one hunting life hacks to make sure I do all the things the best possible way, so I could give more time and attention to my loved ones. I also feel much better about myself if I learn some kind of improvement that day. The best way for me to learn something is pictures. Yes, I am that bad in reading – I cannot read long books, because I simply forget what happened three pages ago. Graphic information is easily accessible for me. And it is more beautiful and more fun. And also it inspires a lot.

So I wanted to share my favourite graphics on tips and information you will find useful around your house.

Did you ever tried to shave pilling on your sweater with a razor? I didn’t, but it is great idea! More tips on how to make your clothing last longer:


Do you know all types of coffee? Can you compare them? I do not, so I like this chart to explain me:



And finally,mens shirt. I am lost here, actually. And Irmantas is not wearing shirts usually, but still, I find collar names interesting:



Oh, what a long post we are having here! I have more very nice chart to show, but I think I am going to save them for next post. Happy Tuesday!!


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