3 miracles this week

5f7438dca9aaa3e44b051d400ea5f5c13955b63b4d75e9bfcb41a5fa25bfb87cOh yes, I am finally seeing a light in a tunnel. Winter is over. At the end of each February I am desperately waiting for Spring, because not only the weather is warmer, but also health improves a lot. Winter weakness is finally gone.

1. Spring is here! In Lithuania that means that it is possible to wear a wooden sweater, coat and a scarf and do not die from cold. Sometimes the sky is clear and you can feel the warmth of the Sun. Yes, Sun is warming again. And finally, it is not dark when I finish my job. So my mood is always good.

2. Day off in the middle of the week. Yes, it is national holiday today and I am happy to have a chance to spend my Wednesday in the park, in the bed, making lunch at home or be engaged in any other activity of my choice.

3. Moka pot. We started to use Moka pot every day. It is really old-school, I guess, but we both prefer this preparation method. All the process of making it is enjoyable, even though, longer. There is nothing better than take a cup of coffee before going out with the dogs.

For next week I wish to watch Twin Peaks again. For seventh time. Because I love that show, I love the style, the plot, all characters, clothing, everything about it. It is a miracle on it own. And soundtrack is the only one all millions I’ve tries which makes both our dogs calm down and fall asleep. Each time I see that happening, I remember Audrey dancing in RR. “Isn’t it too dreamy?”


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