5 tips for yoga beginners

yogaI am by no meaning a yoga professional and I am sure that there is some space for improvements in my yoga routine. But it is Spring now, and if we were lazy in Winter, we should do something about it right now. And you know, doing something is always better than doing nothing, so I thought I could share my getting into yoga experience with you.

1. Do it right. There is not bigger damage to your body than doing your exercise wrong. No matter it is yoga, basketball or swimming, you have to make sure you do things right. When talking about yoga, find well reviewed yoga school in your city and sign in for demo class or buy at least six classes. It will help you to understand what yoga is, how to do asanas, how to work out correctly and all other things. Make sure the place you’ve selected is very good, teachers are qualified. Do not chose doing yoga in sports club.



2. Make sure you know your body condition well. Yoga in general is the best way for safe workout, stretching and strengthen your body, but if you have spine issues, or other issues, ask your doctor if yoga is what you can do.

3. When practice yoga on your own, it is really hard to control each asana. Specially for beginners it is usually hard to breathe evenly, hold the asana well and do it correctly. Two things can help you here: metronome or yoga app. You can also watch some videos on youtube, but I usually find these to be not very high quality, specially in doing asanas correctly.

4. Clothing. Yoga clothing industry nowadays is so developed. According to their marketing, you cannot practice yoga without special clothes. It is not true. Select natural materials, light and comfortable pieces. It is better to choose slim film clothing because it is easier for you to follow your body movement and it is more comfortable. Of course, make sure that your clothes are not too small.



5. Practice yoga regularly. It is better so practice yoga every two or three days, but do it regularly, than practice it everyday, but skip some. It is only way to develop yoga practices as a habit and reach some results. Also, make sure your last meal is 2-3 hours before practice (so that is why mornings is the best option).

These are my tips for starting yoga. I wish you give it a chance – it is a perfect way to workout, as well as good way to concentrate and rest at the same time. Happy Friday!!


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