Two manors

DSC_0212Our pug Gringo is finally feeling well with us, it seems he considers us as his owners and we are very happy about it. Knutas also likes Gringo, so we decided to bring them both to longer journey. Weather is also nice this weekend, so we went outside the city to visit two manors. 

Trakų Vokė Manor. Stunning Manor complex surrounded by super natural park, which looks like forest. In XIXth century the whole area belonged to earl Tiškevičius who owned several Manors in area of Lithuania at that time. Actually the second estate we visited also belonged to the same earl.





Užutrakis Manor. Recently reconstructed it became a centre of culture events. Usually classical music events take place here. No surprise – even though it is far away from Vilnius, the whole area has extraordinary spirit.

DSC_0239 DSC_0236

I love going out on weekends. Taking both dogs was a challenge, but I think we made it quite ok. I wish I could learn more about Manors left until these days.


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