Colour inspiration. Dusty rose

sky-rosecopySpring is here. We went to a nice camping area near the city with couple of our friends yesterday for some barbecue and coffee. The sun was really warming and the weather was nice. I was listening to birds, and river nearby and suddenly I realised that all cherry and apple trees will bloom in a month! Because I am waiting for this to happen, I thought, I would share my Spring inspiration, which is my favourite colour – muted pink.

Dusty rose, or ashes of rose is the colour I love the most. It is very settle, but also rich tone, luxurious feminine colour. Dusty rose was popular in Victorian age for clothing pieces and comes back now again as all purpose colour. However, it is quite tricky to use, so I am going to share some tips on how to use it.

Clothing. The colour itself is romantic and feminine. Every women should have few pieces in this colour in available. The dangers: looking too sweet and selecting wrong tone of the colour.

1. Mute the sweetness. On everyday basis no one wants to look like a cupcake with a raspberry filling, so wearing all your outfit rose is not an option. I would probably choose rose top with pair of jeans and chunky sweater. Or rose sweater with pleated skirt. Matching the rose piece with something more structured or rough will mute the cuteness down. If you are not into girly style, select blazer, coat or other more structured piece instead of flowing silky or sheer materials. Also, if you are not going for hippy, or extra girly look, avoid flowers and dots in your outfit as well.

tumblr_inline_msleayRRdR1qz4rgp  pink-hair_2688102a


dusty-rose-blouse-and-trousers IMG_9482_zps39a39ae7

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2. Select the tone that suites you. It is super important to pay attention to the tone of the colour you are going to wear and how it matches your skin tone. It is important not only choosing pink colours, but also when searching for perfect yellow and khaki. The tip is: always pay attention to how your skin looks when you put on your clothes. You want your skin to be fresh and glory, that is why you clothes have to be more dull and dark (more grey or brown in it than in your skin tone) – for fall and winter, or lighter colour whit more white in it – so your skin would look more tanned, in summer.



Accessories. Make the rose bag or your ballerinas your statement piece. I love wearing comfy outfit and it is usually jeans and some kind of grey sweater. I like this basic combination, so I could play with details on top. I could incorporate a pair of nice dusty rose flats in my outfit.

tods-blush-loafers1  1370462_grande

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What is your Spring colour?


2 responses to Colour inspiration. Dusty rose

  1. mildarei

    Thank you dear!! I always associated this colour with sweet doll look, and I couldn’t wear it, because this candy girls style is totally not me. Happy you liked it, because I like it too 🙂 Happy Monday!!


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