Succulent replanting

DSC_0345Spring is the best time to take care of all your plants at home. I am planning to plant some herbs, I already have some seeds. But first I decided to take care of my lovely succulent. I do not know the exact name of it, I just took it from my grocery store once because it caught my eye.

I guess winter was not the best season for this lovely plant – I should find a better place in the house for it with more direct sun (warming sun in winter? yeah..). What happened is it turned brown in the bottom, but also produced three new “babies” which I decided too keep instead of all brown plant.

Actually it is very easy. All you need to do is take the plant out. I was using a paper sheet rolled around the plant to make sure I am secured from tiny hair-like needles. Then separate “babies” from the main core. Make sure you do not break them, but reattach exactly from the core. Then leave those babies to dry out a little bit (better in vertically position) – for about three or four days, and put them back in the ground. Water just al little to prevent from rotting.

DSC_0346  DSC_0347


That’s it!


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