Three miracles this week

DSC_0316I feel awake. That is the biggest miracle that could happen to me right now. Sun, warmth, people smiling, thiner coat. I know it is going to snow a little again next week, but I do not mind it – I know it is the end of scariest, darkest and most boring time of the year. Somehow my three miracles this week are all related to health.

1. Picnic in Kernave with our friends.

We had an amazing time all four of us (ok, and two dogs). The day was perfect, the weather was nice, fresh air far away from the city.. In my opinion – best way to end the week properly.

2. Sprouts.

Separate post is going to happen about sprouting. Toast, avocado and radish sprouts became a star snack for both of us.

3. Chia seeds.

I know, nothing very unexpected, but I now really noticed a difference between smoothie and smoothie with chia seeds. Probably because in early Spring energy level is so low, that each extra step (like adding some seeds into everyday meal) is really noticeable.

What are your Spring discoveries about?


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