Easy ways to add more proteins in your diet

DSC_0370I decided to share how I incorporate more proteins in my diet. As I mentioned before, I never paid too much attention to proteins, and when I started doing it, everything changed! I have more energy and my mood is much better, I feel much healthier and my mind is much brighter, not even mentioning that for everyone, who does workout (that means, for everyone) proteins is crucial.

I am vegetarian, so these tips work the best for me, but I am sure everyone can find something useful.

1. Change wheat pasta into quinoa pasta. Quinoa is a seed, so it is full of proteins. That way you kill two birds with one stone: eliminate wheat and add protein. Good not only for wheat intolerant people, but also for those who wants to loose some weight.


2. Add more seeds into your salad. No matter what kind of salad you are making, there is at least one seed you can add to it. Roasted sunflower seeds? Sesame seeds?

3. Eat hummus as your snack. No matter what kind of hummus you do – chickpea hummus or raw version – sunflower seeds hummus, both are packed with proteins! And it is a healthy option for a snack.

4. Nut butters and nut milk. Nothing new, but making these at home can also lift your diet to the next level – choose organic products, and also, things made at home are full of love and attention!

5. Try polenta. If you like heavier food, definitely try polenta for breakfast, I found that adding nutmeg gives amazing flavour. Polenta is full of proteins and iron. Idea for weekend breakfast?

6. Chia seeds. Add everywhere. We have smoothies every morning with a teaspoon of chia seeds and it is kind of enough, but I also think to try some other options as well. I think I’ll start with a snack:

I hope you find at least one useful tip for yourself. Happy Friday everyone!!


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