Peanut butter popcorn

DSC_0387Since we learned that peanut butter is so easy to make at home, almost every meal in our house is now contains peanut butter. It makes ordinary dish special and new. I recently discovered new popcorn recipe and it became most popular snack immediately. It is not that healthy, but if you leave it only for Sundays, maybe it is not that bad?

1. Make your own popcorn. You can always do microwave popcorn, but I find it has too much ingredients you don’t really need, such as artificial flavours and fat. Use good quality oil when making popcorn on your own and control the amount yourself. For this recipe you need:

1/2 cup of popcorn kernels
3tbsp of oil (I use sunflower seeds oil)
pinch of fine salt

Take large heavy pan, pour your oil and heat it on a medium heat. Make sure the bottom of your pan is covered with oil (no need for thick layer). When oil gets hot, pour  your popcorn kernels, put the lid on. Shake the pan few times after popcorns starts popping, to make sure all the kernels are on the bottom. You popcorn should be ready in 5mins. After all kernels are popped, pour them out in a big bowl. Make sure you do that immediately after popcorn is done because it can burn fast and easy.

Make the dressing:

2 tbsp of butter
3 tbsp of golden sugar syrup/honey
2 tbsp of peanut butter (preferably unsalted)

In sauce pan heat the butter and syrup until both are well incorporated. There is no need to boil the mixture properly, but make sure it is hot. Remove the pan from the heat, add peanut butter and mix it in well. Pour the dressing on your popcorn and mix well with two spoons. Wait until it is cooled down and serve!


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