Scent of Lithuania

DSC_0330-2I don’t know if you have ever heard about it before, so I thought, I could share this beautiful idea with you. 

First time I was introduced to this perfume in my yoga school. Every time I visit it I cannot think about anything else but the amazing smell. I thought it was some kind of unknown incense at first, but they do not use any. Then I tried to find that perfume, but I couldn’t.  And finally Irmantas asked the owner of the school to reveal the secret.

The scent was released in 2011 in form of candles, perfume and room spray. In my opinion, it is the best as a room spray, because the smell itself is really earthy, calming and warm, but for me it does not seem s a perfume for your body. To be honest, it is the best room spray I’ve ever tried, so if you have a chance to try it, do not hesitate.

It has calming, relaxing effect but the scent is not heavy at the same time. So I would say, for those who practice yoga or just seeks for more nature-like option it is the best choice.

The page. Where to buy. The funny show regarding the perfume.

P.S. It is not a commercial, by any means. I just love the scent and I think it is a good product. And it is fun, that is all.


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