Ice cube tray

DSC_0433Fresh lemonade, flowers and cold drinks season is back. Which also means, a lots of ice cubes. I don’t know how about you, but I do not drink any ice cold drinks when it is cold outside, so for me it is a brand new start again in terms of learning new cocktail recipes and serving options. To be honest, I forgot how versatile ice cubes can be and how many options ice cube tray has.

1. Freeze red wine leftovers in ice cube tray and use them when preparing sauces. Red wine becomes acid if stays longer in opened bottle, so make sure you do not waste it, but use it for a good purpose.



2. Frozen juice cubes are irreplaceable when making smoothies – instead of adding ice (water) making it cold and smooth, add some juice in cubes. Of course, frozen fruits are equally amazing, but if you have some juice left, pour it into your ice cube tray.


3. Decoration. Freeze some berries in your ice cubes to decorate your drinks. For some drinks basil or mint leaves will work, for your water serving frozen lemon, lime and cucumber slices would work perfectly!



I am now waiting for edible flowers to show up so I could try them as well. I never did it, but it looks awesome.


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