Three miracles this week

DSC_0384copyAfter we adopted a second dog, many things changed. One of them would be having something to care about and being equally responsible. Also, making decisions. Our first dog, was originally mine, but Irmantas welcomed him and they are now best friends. To adopt a second dog was our families decision, we both decided to have two dogs. I feel that our family gets stronger everyday and each step we take, we take it together.

1. First miracle is related to our families future. We finally have a place to move in. It is not going to happen until the middle of April, but we both are very happy to finally stop searching. It is also very exciting news and we already are thinking about brand new start. It is going to be the first place of our family only.

2. Solar eclipse. Last Friday solar eclipse was visible in Lithuania. It is a rare thing, so everyone was very into watching it. In our office, we invented probably ten ways to protect our eyes. The most creative one was the door of the microwave. My dear colleague Dovile made a photo of this stunning event.

3. Evening at my sister’s place. My husband and few colleagues gathered together for Sunday evening. We had some wine, some chat and it was just nice Sunday evening without any worries and hurries. For me Sundays were always the worst day in the whole week (you know, doing your homework, because it is school tomorrow), but we started celebrating it and I now feel I have grown up and I am not afraid of Sundays anymore.

For next week I wish I could manage all Eastern preparation well. And I am so looking forward to see Irmantas Mom again. Happy Wednesday!


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