5 steps on getting healthier

copyI have learned a lot about healthy life style and healthy eating, however some things I find hard to implement immediately. I also learned that strict schedules are not for me as well, because each time when I follow them, I fail. I find experimenting and adding all things I like into my life step by step is much better method. So after you decide that you really want to get healthier, these steps may help you to start changing your life smoothly.

1. Choosing the right foods. I am vegetarian, so some foods are not an option for me (let’s say, burgers), which is good. However sometimes, when I am lacking of creativity, I find even green vegetables are not that attractive anymore. To stop yourself from buying semi-finished products or unhealthy food I like to have some tasty recipes on hand. Create a board on Pinterest, follow food blogs you like, buy some cooking books to surround your self with healthy food options all the time. By the way, when I am craving for something poisonous (it is always french fries) I imagine my body is made of that food. That idea makes the object I crave for not that attractive anymore. I know it is funny, but it works for me.

2. Make your food at home from scratch. I found three reasons why I should make my food at home:

a. You can control your food. You can make it the way you like, control the ingredients yourself – how fresh they are, from where they are, how much you put into your dish.
b. It is better for your mental health as well, because you put your attention into what you are eating. That way the food gets extra value comparing with what you can get in restaurant.
c. It is cheaper.

If you cannot cook everyday, you can prepare some food on weekend and keep it in the fridge. It is still better than buying something in plastic package.

3. Move. Do whatever you like, but move. There is no place for me in then gym, I am not that kind of person, but I like to walk and do yoga. I walk to my office or back home,  we walk our dogs, we sometimes choose walking instead of driving a car, I also do some stretching in the evening. No matter how much you move, just do it. Reflect each day on how much did you move today. I remind myself that breathing, moving, eating and seeing places is what we live for, other things just happen besides. That helps me to find some time to take care of myself.

4. Create safe and comfortable surroundings for yourself. Be with people you like and feel comfortable to be with. Stop waisting your time for people and things that gives you no extra value in your life. Go through your house and throw away items you do not use anymore, create more space for yourself. Do not collect items in your house, office, car, handbag. Each object requires your attention, so how can you be focused on your goals if you are distracted by stuff around. After spring cleaning in your house and spirit you should feel better and lighter.

5. Be focused. Before you do anything, measure if it is worth it. Do not waist your energy on doing worthless things. Sleep instead. Or go for a walk. Rethink your day and find things which take your energy away and do not do them.

Happy people are healthy people. Hand a mirror on your way out your house. Smile each time going out. See world changing. Happy Friday!!


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